Our Corporate Responsibility

Giving back
Real food prepared with care and accessible to all
We believe real food should be accessible to all communities, where it can be part of, and even help improve, the overall quality of peoples’ lives. At Campbell, we know giving back also matters, especially in our hometowns. We work to ensure families in need have access to food and beverages during all of life’s moments. 

Protecting the environment and supporting sustainable agriculture
Families rely on us to ensure our ingredients are grown with care. We work with farmers who share our commitment to food rooted in goodness, flavor and authenticity. We uphold this standard by working across the supply chain to ensure our food is grown sustainably.

Building a culture around purpose, values and accountability
At Campbell, culture is a serious part of our agenda—something we continue to nurture and grow together. Purpose, values and accountability are part of the fabric of our company. We work to ensure that diversity and inclusion are embedded in our business operations so that every employee can bring their authentic self to work each day.

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