Inclusion & Diversity

We want all our employees to feel like they truly belong. At the end of the day, caring for our people is the most important thing we do. That’s why we continue to foster a work environment where all employees can learn, grow, and thrive, both professionally and personally. It’s why we’re building a safety-focused culture and why we provide a variety of resources and benefits to support our employees while they’re at work and at every stage of life. 

We’re committed to ensuring our company is a great place to work and prioritizing the safety and well-being of our employees each and every day. 

Our I&D strategy

We’re building a company where everyone can be real, and feel safe, valued, and supported to do their best work. Our I&D strategy is designed to build capabilities to drive change, strengthen ally networks and communities through advocacy, and ensure accountability and transparency around our progress.

To build our capabilities, we’re increasing I&D learning opportunities and standardizing key processes throughout the company. In our fiscal 2023 I&D development program, which had a 97% completion rate, we expanded our focus on improving collaboration through inclusive behaviors.

We enhanced our talent acquisition processes to reach more diverse talent so we can hire the best candidate for the job. We partner and invest in leading diverse networking organizations, universities, and recruiting programs.  


To create an inclusive workplace, we’re supporting employees and organizations working to end racism and discrimination. During cultural heritage months, The Campbell’s Foundations provides a 100% match to all employee donations made to each month’s social justice fund.  

Our 11 employee-led Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), which span office, remote, and manufacturing locations, engaged more members with events centered on learning and development, including mentorship and sponsorship programs. The work contributes to our culture by emphasizing belonging and connects to our marketplace of customers, consumers, vendors, and communities.  

Now in its fourth year, our Inclusion & Diversity Advisory Board advises leadership on our long-term I&D vision and strategy to enhance the employee experience. 


To foster accountability, all salaried employees have performance objectives related to I&D. We track progress against our I&D initiatives and report regularly to the company.  

We’re proud that as a result of this work, the company has been recognized for its commitment to creating a more inclusive workplace. 

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